Toner Recycling

The WEEE directive requires the removal of: "toner cartridges, liquid and paste, as well as colour toner". Toner cartridges are commonly found in printers, fax machines and photocopiers. Under the WEEE guidelines toner cartridges should be removed whole and intact so as to prevent the dispersal of toner in the material or waste streams. Toner powder, and consumables containing toner powder, are classed as harzardous waste and as such, must be recycled in the proper manner.

At Moock Environmental we have extensive experience in Toner Cartridge recycling and provide a recycling and recovery service for all used and off-spec products. With our customised equipment and technology we can provide a service that involves the complete breakdown of cartridges into component parts, which are then recycled by appropriate means:

  • the process provides a tailored solution to specific customer problems
  • successful implementation of the process contributes to recycling targets by diverting waste from landfill